Outer Banks Beach GrassOuter Banks beach grass planting season is upon us. If you are looking to install or plant beachgrass on your Outer Banks property, Julies Outdoor Enhancement wants to remind you that our deadline is by the end of March. This deadline date is to insure proper instalation and adequate time for it to take hold and root into your soil, or ground.

It’s important to chose a good hearty beachgrass that holds up well in turf areas. our Outer Banks beach blend is a perfect choice. It does well in areas that have a high salt content in their water cycle typically found near oceans similar to what we have here on our wonderful island in Dare County, NC.

Our Outer Banks beach grass flourishes in sandy, or loamy soil. It only requires occasional watering and fertilizing. Our seashore grass is best planted in climates that are warm with rainfall reaching 20inches or more per year such as the Outer Banks does.

At Julie’s OED we follow these 5 steps when planting Outer Banks beach grass before its deadline at the end of March.

Outer Banks Beach Grass Installation includes:

1.Plant either with seeds in sod or plant shoots while the temperature is above 70º F. This allows the most fruitful growth at the beginning. If you plant with shoots, space them evenly along the area in alternating, offset rows to fill in the space between the shoots.

2.Dig shallow holes that are more wide than deep. Uncurl the roots of the plant shoots from around the rootball. Set the plants into the holes and spread the roots out into the soil, covering them lightly with soil.

3.Cover the rootball with soil and pat it down gently until the plant is level with the ground around it. Water the area initially after each shoot is planted, soaking the ground but not creating pools of water. You can mulch over the new area to keep the ground moist if desired.

4.Limit the foot traffic on the new lawn area for at least six weeks to let the roots establish. During this initial stage of root growth, water the seashore grass area often, but with a light dose of water. Do not overwater early on.

5.Apply nitrogen fertilizer after six weeks; the recommended concentration is two to three pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet to enhance the initial growth. No further fertilization is required until the next season.

Of course, if you prefer to let the professionals handle what can be a very daunting task, let Julie’s Outdoor Enhancement Design take care of your Outer Banks beach grass planting this season! Call for a FREE estimate or just drop us a note on what you have in mind for your next Outer Banks landscaping project.